@n3rdling let me borrow his Clone during a couple of days. I heard it at “home” with my SRX+/ GOv2 /Laptop rig. I had my Utopia and my HE60 as benchmarks. I have heard and measured the genuine HE90 a few days before.

Considering it’s an orpheus Clone, i was expecting the same sound right ? I listened to it during a few minutes and honestly i coudln’t believe what I was listening to. 3 hours later, i was convinced : Milos did not only recreate the original orpheus or at least the same kind of sound but he achieved to improve it. I told him before I measure ” Man , your headphone has a much better slam and impact that the Orpheus, especially in the bass” so measurements didn’t surprise me much.

Actually , I honestly think Milos Clone is the best headphone I heard to date and I think I already listened to all modern flagships, owned most amongst a lot of other headphones. I’d say the only headphones I never heard are the SR-Omega, all Jeckin floats , Sony Qualia and R10, Taket H2 and Grado HP1000.

But from all headphones I listened to , the Clone is the best. I’m not saying it bests all headphones for all characteristics but it’s the best overall. Why ?

First of all , this thing is the neutrality king. Everything you’ll compare will sound colored. I think the very even FR is the key point there. Especially in the mids. Maybe a few people will hear it at colored but I don’t . The original Orpheus will sound more mid centric for example. HE60 and Utopia sounds brightish and colored compared to this Orpheus Clone.

The second key point is clarity and transparency. Combined with the neutral FR, the clarity of this headphones allow me to hear the music with a strong feeling of transparency. As if the headphone itself had disappeared. Some other headphones can come close to that goal but the Clone is the best. hands down. Orpheus is beaten as well.

I see some you say “Meh. Another stat for stat fans”. and I see the point buuuut. the Bass slam and body here is there . Not as good and visceral than the best dynamics and planars but still. The Clone offer more Bass impact and extension than any Other Stat I heard ( I didn’t hear the SR-Omega) . Think HEK Bass but more textured, with faster transients and maybe more slam. THe gap with the original HE90 is huge there.

The last impressive point is the Staging. My fav’ thus far have always been my HD800 and my HE60 . they’re different ( HD800 is more holographic but somewhat conveys a cinemascope effect whereas the HE60 offer a more focused and forward presentation but with a nice feeling of borderless infinite staging. The HE90 beated the two in the sense the stage is bigger and deeper than the HE60 but still with the same kind of natural presentation. More “natural” presentation than the HD800 at least. The Clone offers the same staging than the HE90 imo. A tiny bit distant “a la HD800” and for my tastes it’s absolutely perfect but I can see people who likes a more “in your face sound” can like it less than I do.

Finally , HE90 and HD800 share in my opinion a common trait. a weight , a “grandeur” ,something that transcends headphones in my opinion. and the Clone still offers that. My HE60 for example lacks of this. As good as it is ,it sounds a bit “small” wherepas the Clone , the Orpheus and the HD800 are more impressive/grandiose. I think it’s a mix of resentation and FR or something. the HEK despites the softness offered that kind of feeling as well. Not the Utopia for example.

I think this headphone nails it on the head for me. :)

The only “issue” I heard : It’s still a Stat and does not offer the visceral slam of very best orthos nor the projection of sound of Dynamics but from any stats I heard or own , it’s the one that competes the best on this point. It still sounds a tiny bit “light” though. I couldn’t evaluate the resolution. Because it”s a tough one for my flawed ears and I hadn’t my Resolution master for comparison so I prefer to shut up on that point.

That’s is IMO the true best headphone in the world today. Period. @Tyll Hertsens should have one, review it and use it as benchmark for all kilobucks so called totl headphones.