I enjoyed my time with the headphones; thank you Milos. I think you nailed the tonal balance on these. They’re easily going to appeal to those who find the L700 and 009 too aggressive in the upper midrange & treble region. I haven’t listened to Purk’s he90 in a while, but the sonic balance is much more similar to my memory of the he90, compared to the other Staxes.

Versus the 007 Mk I (the other “warm” electrostat) I felt that the bass & treble of your headphone was integrated in a superior fashion. With the 007 Mk I, I find the bass a bit boomy and the treble overall too subdued, making for a dark sounding headphone — and though amps like the Carbon and BHSE mitigate these issues, they don’t solve it. I thought your headphones were superior to the 007 Mk I on both points; well done!

Vocals on your headphones are fat, rich, and luscious. Imaging, detail, and treble smoothness are all excellent, as with all the top electrostats. The bass is indeed quite excellent; deep and clean with some nice impact (yes the seal definitely makes a difference).

The soundstage has a nice size and shape to it; I’ve never put a huge emphasis on soundstage (especially with headphones), and these Orpheus clones easily meet my needs here.

I did find that I still strongly prefer my Staxes (L700 and 009) for rocking out to heavy metal. The Staxes seem to keep their composure better in these circumstances, though I was careful not to drive your headphones too loud. In the last few years my preferences have shifted away from warm/lush sounding transducers and towards fast, neutral-ish (if not slightly bright) ones like the 009, but I still found your heaphones’ sound to have some addictive qualities to them for a wide range of music (other than metal). And to be fair, I’ve had similar issues with hard rock / metal on the he90 — which is why I went for the 009 (well, other than not being able to afford an he90).

I thought your headphones did equally well with tube amps and SS (BHSE, Carbon, balanced hev90).