Wikia 7/2016


@n3rdling‘s HE90 Clones (out of BHSE):

  • For those of you who might have missed the opportunity to listen to these you need to put it on your must listen to at the next meet he attends.
  • Personally having never listened to the original Orpheus but loving my 007 MK1 out of the Headamp BHSE and hating the Stax 009’s I felt at a loss. I mean the 007 MK1 is my favorite headphone I own but at times want something a little more refined that my HD800 SDR isn’t doing. Well enter the HE90 clones
  • I have heard these at one other meet I attended and it was out of the Headamp Aristaeus (oh yah the other e-stat amp Justin makes) and with the BHSE I felt like everything I put on was like I was actually being sang to.
  • The instrument separation was perfect with just the right amount of sound stage
  • Tonal balance was just superb
  • Bass I felt was different than what I am used to with the MK1 less thick but more defined.
  • For someone who isn’t a fan of the 009 this headphone just hits all the right spots for me.
  • As I had mentioned previously I had heard this at a previous meet and it was the best headphone hands down and again the result was the same.
  • I don’t know if Milos will ever release these as a production headphone but after listening again and this time with the BHSE it took all my willpower just not to hand him a wad of cash for his prototype.


N3rdling HE-90 Clone (on Nick’s BHSE):

  • Very fun to listen to.
  • It is awesome to hear a DIY headphone this good.
  • Justin and I did a comparison with the 009 and Clone. It made me sad I don’t still own an electrostatic rig.
  • Between the two, I still lean towards the 009. I hear the 009 as better balanced high-to-low and having vastly superior bass to the Clone.
  • I heard the Clone as having a bit more of a warm, mid-centric tone. The Clone is the more “romantic” sounding of the two, but my preferences tend more towards ruler flat neutrality. I can see why some would prefer the sound of the Clone, but for me the 009 is still the king-of-the-hill (along with 007mk1).


I really wanted to check out the n3rdling Clones because I had heard about them prior and brought my own SR-009 to compare.

Meet conditions are never ideal and it was a bit loud, but I did get to do some great direct a/b comparisons of the SR-009 vs the clones on a BHSE. Sensitivity wise they are not that far off, luckily I only had to adjust the volume slightly (009 being slightly more sensitive). For music I mostly used the Bertini/WDR Cologne box set of Mahler symphonies.

Due to my limited time with them I will just comment about what I was able to directly compare. The clones have better effortlessness and clarity than the SR-009. In a large tutti section of a large scale orchestral work with a large amount of percussion (tam tam and gong) combined with full brass and orchestra, the SR-009 sounded congested in comparison. For me that was shocking. I am coming from my home collection of Abyss, HE-6, HD-800, SR-007mk1, HE-1000, and so far the SR-009 has bested them all in terms of absolute clarity and transparency (not to mention other aspects, but for the sake of this comparison I am only mentioning these traits).

And the Clones bested the SR-009. These headphones need more examination due to the meet conditions, but this is perhaps the one headphone I am most interested in at the moment.

I also got to hear the new Ether and both Focals, all very nice, but once you hear what the SR-009 can do there is very little that impresses you.


what do you do when Sennheiser insists in not making your favourite headphone? You build your own of course! Congrats to n3rdling for his daring enterprise. I am not qualified to compare his handmade electrostat to an Orpheus, and I don’t think anyone could have done that with the background noise in the break room. I will say that the headphone sounded “high-end” and that it was very comfortable. Looking forward to future developments.

Milos’ Clones: Nice to hear these again but out a BHSE. Easily the best thing I heard today as they did everything right. Great job with them Milos!