SBAF Fest 11/2016


Here were my three favorite rigs (Caveat: these are meet impressions and not to be taken seriously):

1. Milos’ Orpheus Clone, amped by Headamp’s BHSE.
I’m partial to electrostatic sound, and even at a meet setting, this setup clearly beat my current setup consisting of stax 007 and 009 off a Woo WES, as well as beating the KGSSHV Carbon which I previously owned. The Orpheus clone was a perfect blend of the 007 and 009, retaining the strengths of both stax flagships. The sound was so natural, musical, transparent, with great detail, separation, and large soundstage, and bass that was tight and impactful. Listening to Diana Krall’s Case of You and IZ’s Starting Over Again nearly brought tears to my eyes. I heard nauances in Diana Krall’s vocals that I hadn’t before and I’ve heard this track countless times. The nuances created a feeling of intimate connection with the singer. The Orpheus clone had a similar ethereal quality like most Stax phones. There was a slight see-through quality to the images (as opposed to being rock solid) and a slight glow around the sounds, which some may consider coloration and non-preferable, but I find quite magical. The crazy thing about the sound coming out of the Orpheus Clone and BHSE was that it was fed by a dingky USB stick DAC out of a laptop. I can’t even imagine the sound improving with a better DAC.


Milos’ Orpheus Clone is awesome. No longer are there any imbalanced channels. Tone is right on. There were in the table a set of HE-60s that I belive @sorrodje brought. The HE-60s are really good, but I believe Milos cans top them. They were crazy good. Will post measurements later.

I don’t know if @n3rdling is going to sell these in the future, but IMO there is not a single stat, ortho and dynamic that can touch these sound quality wise. This shit is real. Value wise, we’ll see where Milos want’s to take it, but like I said, these are the real deal. He might need to paint them shinny black, coat them with gold, and have Snooki decorate them though.

I’ll post some more impressions later. But these cans were the highlight of the meet can wise.


I heard @n3rdling Accuphase again through his Blue Hawaiis and Orpheus Clone, and I thought that this was really end game for this direction.


Best of the best : Milos Orpheus Clone. Let’s say I’m a bit biased on that one because as a Stat Lover (Especially Sennheiser ones) and I’m really interested [email protected] ‘s work. He let me borrow his baby for a couple of days before the meeting and I listened to it at my place with my gear and my music. Utopia and my own HE60 was my reference I compared the Clone to. Thks to @3X0 I had the chance to have a good Session with the Original HE90 the Saturday 29/10 as well. I’ll provide more impressions & measurements in the dedicated thread opened by @ultrabike buuut… this damn thing is the read deal. Period. #VoteMilos. ;)


Milos has a very nice headphone with his DIY HE90. Coming out of the SRX and some tiny dac it sounded great, need to listen on my T2.


Milos’ clones: HD600 tonal balance, ortho bass, dynamic body, HD650 mid, HD650 treble smoothness, HD800 extension, HD800 soundstage, Utopia imaging. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Not sure how much of that was due to BHSE. TL;DR: it’s awesome. @n3rdling needs to quote me a price.


These had more bass than 007, 009 and he60 but were still too lean for me. The treble was also slightly too smooth for my taste. They were pleasant, musical and superbly refined. I found the clones more realistic than the other stats at the meet but I missed the bite and energy of dynamic headphones. If you are into stats, not sure it can get much better than this. Imaging, sound stage, tonal balance and transient response they did everything better than every other electrostatic headphone present.


  • nerdling’s Ghettorpheus — impressed, next to the 009 this was the best headphone at the show


The last rig that impressed me. (Again, I did not get a chance to hear everything – and I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment about the EC based rigs). The @n3rdling DIY stat Orpheus Clone and the SRX+. Lots of electrostatic gear and amps around, but this particular combination spoke to me. A slightly warm, more full bodied, and more lively sound than what I am usually accustomed to from electrostatics. None of that thin, prickly, flat and boring nonsense. I believe @ultrabike took measurements of the @n3rdling O-Clones. I would be curious to see them. The HE60 does quite well with the SRX too.


in my opinion the best of the show was the orpheus clone follow by the DNA Stellaris using the utopia