Orange County 1/2016


@n3rdling‘s DIY stat. A cross between the Orpheus and original Omega sound. Pretty amazing. DIY might be the way to go given current pricing on newer stats, Sennheiser, cough, cough, cough.

@Andre Y

@n3rdling‘s DIY stats sounded really good, but perhaps a bit less sensitive, so you really had to turn the volume up. It had transparency, but without the thinness that my HE60s had on their stock amps.

@Donald North

N3rdling: your DIY Orpheus clones are impressive

@Audio Zenith

Standout of the meet: Orpheus clone from n3rdling. The ambient noise was crazy loud, channels were a bit misbalanced and there was a slight buzzing in one of the channels but I felt this was probably the most balanced electrostatic headphone I have ever heard. There was still a few issues but Milos said he has an idea on how they could be fixed. Good luck man, this was a great job and I hope you can make another miracle.


Highlights for me were:
@n3rdling‘s DIY electrostat: this is some outstanding work, man! Keep at it!


The clones were absolutely amazing. The tone was accurate the highs and mids were excellently represented. I could have listened all day as it was just one of those headphones that you could enjoy with anything. It wasn’t as bass focused as I like but man the sound, tonal accuracy, and sound stage was amazing. Thank you for bringing these out and dazzling the hell out of us. Easily one of my favorites at the meet.


Accuphase CD Player + DIY Orpheus + Headmp Aristaeus Amp
Meets are a blessing and a disaster. You get to hear gear you would not otherwise hear but the conditions do not give you a full chance to truly hear the gear. Such was the case here as well. I had to literally dial up the volume to almost 9/10 to get to actually hear the sound as the ambient noise floor was too high around me. This rig showed fantastic promise… I didn’t hear anything that would stick out. From what little I could hear, everything was in balance and harmony. Top end, mids, bottom end, everything flowed like water. I would love to hear this rig without any disturbances some time…I think I need to visit Milos and hear this thing properly as it felt correct….I just couldn’t tell HOW correct. Milos has a fantastic ear and taste level, so I am sure this rig will really shine, but I just need to hear it properly. Almost felt like I should have taken this rig upstairs to my listening room and just LISTEN there.