I wanted to chime in as I had about an hour with the clones today. I compared them against the he90, he60 and to a lesser extent sr007 mki. First of all, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m pretty sure that I crapped my pants when I hit the play button with the clone. It was one of those “wow” moments that you get frequently early on in this hobby and then very rarely after you’ve been in the game for several years.

The clone produces a delicate, layered and completely engaging sound. They compete very well against the he90…VERY well. Admittedly they look like a piece of junk. But in fairness I think you can say that of most prototypes. The signature is fairly well balanced. The mids are gorgeous and pure in terms of tone. Vocals are lifelike for lack of a better term. I could hear deep chest resonance from baritone singers. Female vocals were equally impressive with great extension in the upper register, never sounding harsh or strident.

But the bass was the jaw dropping event for me. So deep, and textured. Just wow, I don’t really have the words to really describe how good the bass was portrayed.

Overall, I preferred the he90. But there is real promise and potential in the clone. And it would be a crying shame not to make this headphone and share it’s beauty.

The amps used were t2, KGSShv Carbon. Well done sir, well done.