I think these are really nice headphones and at the right price would be in my stable of electrostats.

Listening was done on this chain: Yggy>T2 and I compared to the 009 and SR-Omega.

One of the outstanding characteristics of the HE90 (which I owned) is its ethereal nature, a sense of expanded airiness. In my opinion, these clones do not have that character trait like the HE90, 009 or Sr-Omega do. You might say that the clones are more neutral and this will appeal to many people, but when I listen to electrostats I like that characteristic to be present more than it is in the clones.

Now, just listening to the clones without comparing is a very pleasant experience. The soundstage is really cohesive, meaning that it is spread nicely in front of me, not too centered on either side. The tonality seems correct. Nothing jumps out from the presentation, it’s balanced from top to bottom.

Unfortunately, my new Carbon (sold one) is not up and running yet so I couldn’t listen on another amp.

Thanks milos for the opportunity! These headphones are an amazing accomplishment.