Who is n3rdling?

Me!  I am a longtime member of the audiophile headphone enthusiast community.  In late 2007 I was researching gaming headphones and ran across Head-Fi.org and Head-case.org.  I ended up buying an ATH-AD500 and later DT880 and enjoyed what I heard.  About a year later I bought a Stax SR-Lambda Signature and was amazed at the sound quality having never heard an electrostatic headphone before.  Years of collecting proceeded and since that time I’ve owned pretty much every high end and electrostatic headphone created at some point or another up until around 2015, including such headphones as the Orpheus HE90, HE60, Sony R10, SR-Omega, SR-009, SR-Omega2, Sigmas, Lambdas, HD800, K1000, many top planar magnetics, etc.  I’ve attended dozens of community meets in California and almost always have brought a rig for others to listen to.  I’ve been a longtime member of the two aforementioned forums as well as superbestaudiofriends.org, and have made friends with many members in the community over the years.

What is the Orpheus Clone?

The Orpheus Clone is a DIY headphone project attempting to recreate the sound of the legendary Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 electrostatic headphone.  Among my collection, the HE90 remained my very favorite headphone ever.  Before eventually selling it off, I made sure to take detailed measurements of the construction in order to one day create an accurate ‘clone’.  After several years of tweaking the design I finally settled on a version that was able to capture the essence of what I loved about the HE90 while adding my own spin to it in an attempt to improve some things.

Is it any good?

Since building it, I pretty much never listen to any other headphone in my collection based purely on sound quality and extended comfort.  I honestly think it’s the best headphone I’ve ever heard, but I know people will think I’m being biased when I say that.  Maybe I am.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, please check out the many independent reviews from some of the most respected and experienced members in the community.  Additionally, visit the measurements page for further verification of performance.

Will this headphone be available for sale?

Yes.  This was initially just a DIY project to help ease the pain of losing the crown jewel of my headphone collection.  I brought my Orpheus Clone to many community meets over the last few years, and the feedback has been overwhelming.  Many members have asked me if I could sell them a pair.  The logistics of creating a bunch of one off headphones wasn’t very enticing, and I eventually determined that the demand was great enough to justify making these on a larger scale.

How much?

The price is undetermined at the moment.  However, those who know me can attest I’ve been vocal about what I perceive as a practice of price gouging in the audiophile headphone market.  I have a specific price goal in mind, and hitting that target will be determined by how much this all costs me to complete.  The goal is to make this a relative “no brainer” for those in the market.

When will it be available for sale?

The release date is undetermined at the moment.  Production parts are in the process of being created right now.  I imagine we are a few months away as of August 2018.  If you want to stay up to date on the latest news, please visit our News section and sign up on our contact form.